2nd room

Real is a table with a sloping top board and shelves, serving as a workplace for a manual typesetter. 

Typesetting board is the composition of text by means of arranging physical types or the digital equivalents. Stored letters and other symbols are retrieved and ordered according to a language’s orthography for visual display.

Letters-rectangular lead plate with the image of the letter for transfer to paper.  On the small blocks, the letters were cast upside down and in a mirror image.

Roller is a round wooden or metal bar. The printing roller was used for rolling ink and for copying text on a typographic typesetting machine.

Layout is a metal plate with two fixed sides and one movable wall, which is installed on the format of the line. Letters are placed in the layout one after another, from left to right.

Cash typesetting is a box with compartments for letters in which letters are placed for manual typing. The cash register is divided into cells, each of which contains letters of one letter or sign.  There are only the same letters in each compartment.

Inkwell is a container used to hold ink. Inkwells can be used by people who use quill and nib pens, and they can also be used to refill the cartridges of fountain pens. Although the use of inkwells is on the decline, they are still available from some art supply stores, and many containers of high-end writing inks come in jars which are designed to function as inkwells in addition to storage containers.

Pen is a writing tool with which the ink is transferred to the paper.   The fountain pen was used in calligraphy when teaching writing at school and for all manuscripts. The pen existed for a long period-from the 7th century to the end of the 18th century. A good pen was considered a valuable gift

Candle holder is a decorative holder for candles. Candles were the main source of illumination of the room a few centuries ago and were in almost every home. They made it possible to securely fix the burning candle and move it from one place to another.