3d room

Travel bag is used for packaging and/or carrying items. For the latter a bag may have one or two handles. Such baskets were woven from birch bark, willow vines and straw.

Bookcase is a piece of furniture with horizontal shelves, often in a cabinet, used to store books or other printed materials. The bookcase belonged to H. Yamashev family.

Iron beds are beds in which the headboard and footboard are made of iron; the frame rails are usually made of steel. Iron beds were developed in 17th century. The bed belonged to H. Yamashev family.

Card table is a square or rectangular folding table for playing cards. The table looked like a regular dining or coffee table. But before the game, the table was laid out and its inner part became external.

Seven-line kerosene lamp is a lamp which wick is seven lines wide. One Russian line is equal to ten points or 2.54 mm. Hence, the width of the wick of the seven-line lamp is about 18 mm. A flat-wick lamp is a simple type of kerosene lamp, which burns kerosene drawn up through a wick by capillary action. If this type of lamp is broken, it can easily start a fire.