110 years to satirical magazine “Yalt-Yolt”

Created on the initiative of Tukay and with the assistance of democratic youth, the satirical magazine “Yalt-Yolt” became one of the most beloved publications of that time. Tukay’s humorous and satirical gifts and the high quality of his articles published in” Yalt-Yolt ” earned the recognition of his readers. The significance of the magazine “Yalt-Yolt” in the history of Tatar journalism is difficult to overestimate. In this magazine, Tukay continued the tradition of the national free press.

The Museum lecture held in the 5th grade of the Novokyrlay school allowed to see Tukay as the creator of the humor magazines “Yashen”, “Yalt-Yolt” and as a public figure. Using the example of the modern satire and humor magazine “Chayan”, children learned about the ideological attitude of Tatar humor magazines.