About the museum complex

State budgetary institution of culture “State literary and memorial Museum complex of Gabdulla Tukay»

Arsk district is a country of museums. The most popular are the memorial Museum complex of the great tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay in Novy Kyrlay village  and The House-Museum of the Tukaev family in Koshlauch village which is the birthplace of the poet Gabdulla Tukay. Gabdulla Tukay is a poet of versatile talent. He is a subtle lyricist, singing the joy of great earthly love, the beauty of nature of his native land, freedom and equality of all people on earth.

Kyrlay and Koshlauch villages became places that inspired the poet to create melodic, folk works that glorify the nature of this region. The Museum complex preserves an amazing fairy-tale atmosphere of life and creativity of the great son of the Tatar people.

The Museum is located on the bank of the Iya river in the public green place with the total area of three hectares.

The Museum pieces are kept in six parts and in the territory of a peasant Sagdy’s homestead.

One part of the Museum is devoted to the village history and contemporaries of the poet, his fellow-villagers.

Archival materials that represent the work of the poet are the base of the exposition.

The main building of the Museum is two-storeyed, made of pine. Sagdy’s homestead represents a homestead of Tatar peasant of the end of XIXth – beginning of the XXth centuries.

The most valuable collections:

The collection of G.Tukay works published in his lifetime.

The collection of sculptures of Baki Urmanche, a People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The collection of clothes and life items of Kazan Tatars of the end of XIXth – beginning of the XXth centuries.

The collection of paintings of popular Tatar artists.

Kazan “Bulgar” hotel  furniture.

Original belongings of G.Tukay friends and relatives.

The Museum complex of Gabdulla Tukay (Novy Kyrlay village)

Sagdy’s homestead (Novy Kyrlay village)

Akhmatkhan Mukhametzyanov’s House (The Rich’s House) (Novy Kyrlay village)

The House-Museum of the Tukaev family (Koshlauch village)