Museum lesson “Growing up reading Tukay”

On January 27 for primary school pupils of Novokyrlay school was held the Museum lesson “Growing up reading Tukay”, devoted to the 110 anniversary of G.Tukay’s poems “Naughty Pussy “,”Funny student”, “Gali and the goat”, “White grandfather”, “Lazy dog”.

Despite his short life, Tukay left a huge legacy, almost half of which is occupied by children’s literature. For more than 100 years every child has been reading the works of his favorite Tatar poet with interest, and even knows them by heart. His works are permeated with love for the Motherland, native land and people. At the same time, they are very instructive, wise and kind, teach beauty, hard work, and call for mercy, justice, and courage.

At the event children read poems, staged poems “Funny pupil”, “Child and moth”.

Author: Safiullina G. M.-curator of Museum items.